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Our Story

Our Chilli journey really began in the early 90’s when we moved to Melbourne Australia from the UK. 

Whilst still living in Australia but working in America & Asia and tasting fermented based sauces, we found that sauces produced this way made it a different experience with no underlining side effects due to the lack of preservatives required to keep the shelf life intact, the Pandora’s Box had been opened to the whole family therefore we started to grow and ferment our own products for personal use!

After being overseas for 18 years we returned home to England, one thing that was very apparent was the lack of bespoke fermented chilli products from the conventional supermarkets. 


We were unable to find a Chilli sauce that did not reach our requirements, we really only found them from boutique artisans which are hard to find therefore the general chilli sauce buyer did not know what they were missing in flavour and lack of additives needed to preserve the product.


We feel that not everything is about heat; it’s about flavour and producing an additive free product to the market place that caters for everybody's needs.

Our friends, neighbours and work colleagues were guinea pigs to test all our products and in return they gave us their feedback, and they certainly did!


The journey we have had has now led us get accredited and commercial to sell directly via local markets & businesses and on online.

2020 Chilli Freaks was accredited with a 5 Star Hygiene Rating, now the rest is future history!


Tim & Kathy

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