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Pickled Chilli Garlic

Pickled Chilli Garlic

Our New fantastic Pickled Chilli Scotch Bonnet Garlic


Within our process we have handpicked the garlic, used fresh Scotch Bonnet Chilli then pickled them in Apple Cider Vinegar.


We have then cooked / canned them in the bottle to create a fantastic ready to eat soft texture Chilli Garlic Condiment. 


Great to eat straight from the jar, fantastic to spread on bread or make your own Brochette / Garlic Humus.


Use as a side dish with Cheese & Biscuits or put into Potatoes to make a brilliant Potato mash.


As a secondary use the apple cider vinegar is great as a standalone product to uplift any meal, salads and re use as a pickling agent to pickle vegetables.


Heat rating 6/10


Health benefits of being totally intolerant free ingredients for Vegan, Gluten Free and Vegetarian.


  • Ingredients

    Garlic - Apple Cider Vinegar - Water - Sugar - Sea Salt –

    Scotch Bonnet Chilli

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